Ouder nieuw uit het Siam Beach Resort (eng)

21-08-2007: Clearer Progress on the Premium Sea View Rooms

Front of the southern Premium rooms Building

The southern Premium Sea View rooms are near completion, which is just in time as the jungle seems to be ready to reclaim the beach.

Backside and stairs of the Southern Premium Buildings

Rear of the Premium Sea View rooms on Lonely Beach

Veranda / Balcony at the Premium Sea View rooms

Veranda / Terrace on the top floor of the Premium Room in the Siam Beach Resort

back board for bed in Premium sea view room

Work on the interior is currently in progress. Back board for the bed, walk-in closet, cabinet, TV / refrigerator stand and most of the window and door frames are ready.

Construction on the Luxury Pool villas

While we expect to finish the first Premium Rooms early 3rd week of September, the Pool Villas won't be ready until Mid October.

12-07-2007: Progress on the Premium Sea View Rooms

Progress on 2007-07-08 south side

The first two blocks of new Premium rooms are due to be completed by mid september 2007. Walls, roofs and some of the windows are already in place and we expect to have the first rooms fully furnished by early september 2007. This south side construction site is only visible from the road, as the rooms are nudged a bit to the back for extra privacy and an even better view.

Progress North side 2007-07-08

The construction on the north side Premium Sea View rooms is progressing on schedule as well. These hotel rooms are due to be completed in the first week of October 2007.

North Side Superior Sea View rooms being constructed

These six hotel buildings will be located right next the new restaurant and seminar / wedding reception floor.

view from the superior sea view rooms during construction

The View from one of the Premium Sea View rooms, looking through a opening in the fence, just after the big storm had passed.

View from the Sea looking at the Superior Sea View Rooms site

A view from the Sea looking at the new Premium Sea View rooms. The river mouth is a temporary feature, caused by the below mentioned 210 mm of rain. The higher water levels in October and November will take back most of the lost sand.

View from the Sea looking at the Superior SeaView Rooms

View from the Sea, but taken from the North side, also just after the rain storm. As you can see, all buildings are built directly on the beach.

View of the Pool Villas at Siam Beach Resort

Still lots of work to be done on the Ko Chang Pool Villas

07-07-2007: 210 mm of rain in a single day

Leakage when it rained 210 mm in a single day

There are some things that even we are not prepared for. Yesterday there was a downpour of 210 mm in a single day. For comparison: that is the same amount of rain that falls in London between September and early January! As the picture shows, the second level Deluxe rooms took quite a beating during these 24 hours and quite a few of them will have to be closed for repairs over the next few months. There also was quite a bit of damage to the beach near the hills, but nothing that we won't be able to clean and repair.
On the upside: it made our engineers and architects double check everything they had done in regards to the Premium Sea View rooms that we are currently building, so that if this ever happens again, we will be ready!

25-05-2007: No more beach huts = Premium rooms and... pool villas!

construction at the Siam Beach Resort

Construction on twelve blocks of new hotel rooms and six exclusive pool villas has started in the location where the old beach huts used to be, on the north side of our beach resort. As the beach huts no longer seemed to blend in with the rest of our increasingly comfortable resort, we felt that it was better to replace these old leaky and somewhat shabby huts with more comfortable Premium Sea View rooms and executive Pool Villas on Koh Chang. This will allow for more couples and families to enjoy the wonderful sea view, excellent beach, emerald clear sea and all the peace and quiet that the Siam Beach has to offer. Besides a total of 60 extra hotel rooms and 6 magnificent Pool Villas (all with private jacuzzi and a private swimming pool), we intent to build a impressive 2 floor restaurant, of which the second floor will serve as a fully air conditioned (wedding) reception or seminar room.

Please note that due to this construction, the Hillside huts will be, temporarily, closed from now on, for as long as the construction crews need to make noise. We expect to re-open this part of the resort late June 2007, when there won't be any need for heavy (read: noisy) machinery. Guests that have reservations for the hill side bungalows during this period will be offered alternative accommodations or a full refund of their deposit. The deluxe Sea View rooms will remain open for business, as those rooms will not be affected by the ongoing construction on the opposite side of the resort.

We will continue to update this page and web site about the progress and fill you in on all the plans we have for this and next year. Please check back for updates regularly.

Skeleton for one block of Deluxe Sea View Rooms

a green wall hides the ongoing construction from direct sight

07-02-2007: The new minibus has arrived!

the New Mini Van

Today we got to test ride our new Siam Beach MiniBus, a Nissan Urvan 3.0 Di GX, which is now available as a chauffeur driven private vehicle for all of our guests that would like to make use of it services. Rates and more details will be available on the Minibus service page.

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